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Resitential Complex

Bratislava, Slovakia

Streamside Revitalization

Bratislava, Slovakia

Inner Block Revitalization

Bratislava, Slovakia

Memorial site Revitalization

Bratislava, Slovakia

Hotel park

Levice, Slovakia

Rooftop garden

Bratislava, Slovakia

Apartment Complex

Žilina, Slovakia

Private Residence

Žilina, Slovakia


The revitalisation of the area surrounding the monument to victims of extremism in Janko Kral Park, Bratislava, transforms the original concrete parking area into a dignified public space

Waves spread across the grassy expanse, providing a place for relaxation whilst symbolising the impact of violent act on society's surface. The intersection of main sidewalks represents the clash of diverse views. Old trees connect the site with its history, new ones bridge towards the future. 

The monument's slight skew from main lines reinforces its solemn character, defining it as the space's centre and dominant point of composition. The overall design enrichs Bratislava with its quality and aesthetic value.

* This project is the winner of the Public Award across all categories from the Slovak Chamber of Architects for the Prize for Architecture CE ZA AR 2023.

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